Whilst IBNLP is a not-for-profit organisation and there is no membership fee, membership does confer a number of benefits, and therefore has some associated requirements for members.


Mandatory requirements:

List IBNLP as a current position on their LinkedIn profile (www.linkedin.com/company/ibnlp). 1, 2

Demonstrate commitment to the IBNLP ethical standards.

Use the IBNLP logo on their website and social media profiles, together with a link to the IBNLP website.1

Contribute towards a business NLP body of knowledge with articles placed on social media, magazines, blogs, websites etc. These should be informational, not promotional in nature and should reference IBNLP where appropriate. 2

Demonstrate Continued Professional Development.

Full members are also required to speak at relevant conferences and events at least once per year as part of their knowledge sharing activities.


Optional requirements:

Display the IBNLP logo on certificates issued to students for relevant training. 3

Contribute non-promotional knowledge sharing and research for listing in the IBNLP website's Research section.


You can find the membership levels and criteria on the Standards page.




1. We cannot develop the credibility of NLP if we do not openly talk about NLP. Trainers and consultants who make comments such as "My clients don't like NLP so I call my work advanced communication skills" are not contributing towards a professional body of knowledge.

2. Developing the credibility of the IBNLP to benefit the whole community depends on each member working to raise the visibility of the IBNLP.

3. IBNLP is not a certificate issuing organisation and does not license trainers. Consider the use of the IBNLP logo as a mark of quality.